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Moving with the Future

We are a team of creative and experienced professionals who are passionate about identifying and developing in-house start-ups across a range of industries. From technology and social media to transport and sharing economy, we are constantly exploring new markets and opportunities to create successful and sustainable businesses.

Our unique approach to start-up development combines market research, strategic planning, and expert execution to ensure that each of our ventures has the best chance for success. With a focus on both profitability and social impact, we are dedicated to building companies that make a difference in the world.


It would be a cardinal sin to underutilize the technology at our disposal today. Automated market research methods, ergonomical UI/IX design and the implementation of AI all culminates to our branch of web development. We believe that being a part of the future is mutually beneficial, and as such, we utilize state of the art methods to develop and launch fresh and creative projects that target specific audiences in order to help them on various fields. 

Current Projects

A social platform for the Russian speaking community in Belgium consisting of:

  • local news;

  • events;

  • services notice board;

  • consulting;

  • second-hand markets;

  • forum for discussions.

We are working tirelessly to completely renovate this site and elevate it to the status of social media with other partners. The project is slated to launch in May.

russians in belgium
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